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A post-Brexit update to our friends in the EU:

Over the past few weeks I’ve had conversations with Defra and our local Plant Health Inspector at APHA regarding Brexit and the sending of plant material from the UK to the EU.

In brief – unfortunately I am unable to send plants or tubers at the moment. My understanding is that most seeds are still ok to send.

To give a little more detail – every order to the EU now needs a Phytosanitary Certificate and to be inspected by a Plant Health Inspector before being given the ok for safe dispatch. This costs just under £26 for the Phytosanitary Certificate per order, and the inspection will cost a minimum of £130, quite possibly more (although multiple orders can be inspected at the same time). Also factor in my time, the paperwork and shipping costs, and the costs associated with sending to the EU quickly become unfeasible for the small scale orders and hobbyists that we usually cater for.

On a wider scale, Brexit and the terrible divisions it has caused our society has been one of the saddest events I’ve witnessed in my life.

I am very sorry to all my EU friends for this situation. If anything changes, or if I figure out a way of managing orders in a vaguely cost effective manner, eg by accumulating orders, I will of course let you all know. Just how viable this small business will now be remains to be seen. It may well be that I try and focus more on seeds than producing plants, or I may change the way that things operate entirely by simply offering a plant list a couple of times a year. I am undecided yet.

Stay safe out there and enjoy your gardens.


EU Flag. Feeling sad.

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